Barcode Reader X - QR & 1-D - iPhone/iPad App

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This is a barcode reader with easy operation. You can read Codabar (NW - 7), GS 1 Databar (RSS - 14) and GS 1 Limited which can not be read with the iOS standard bar code recognition function. iPhone, iPad, iPod compatible.

Main functions

  • Can read the bar code in the camera image.
  • Various one-dimensional, two-dimensional barcodes can be read.
  • You can store history of barcodes scanned.
  • Barcode reading history can be shared with other applications such as mail / clipboard copy etc.
  • You can select the bar code type in the setting menu.
  • If you do not read the bar code, you can stop the camera and reduce battery drain.
  • You can search barcode reading results with search engines.

Supported bar code type

QR Code Data Matrix Aztec PDF 417

UPC-A UPC-E EAN-8 (JAN-8) EAN-13 (JAN-13) Code 39 Code 39 Extended Code 93 Code 93 Extended Code 128 (GS1-128) Codabar (NW-7) ITF Interleaved 2 of 5 GS1 Databar(RSS-14) GS1 Databar Expanded GS1 Databar Limited


  • When moving the iPhone or iPad, the frame of the camera image and the barcode recognition position may be misaligned.
  • Mistakes may occur. (We do not guarantee that recognition results are 100% correct.) Depending on usage conditions (brightness, size, spoiler, etc.), it may not be recognized or misrecognition may occur.
  • It may be erroneously recognized as another bar code type. (It can be improved by narrowing the bar code type to be used from the setting menu.)
  • Please read the horizontal bar code. I am bad at vertical and rotational, deformed ones.
  • GS 1 - 128 is recognized as Code 128.
  • Display advertisements while using this application.


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